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Cairo2You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions. (Naguib Mahfouz). Egyptian Nobel Laureate for Literature

Here at English to Arabic Translation Agency, we try to follow Naguib Mahfouz’s advice by undertaking work that is both clever and wise.

Based in Cairo, Egypt, we strive to ensure high quality English to Arabic translation for our clients. Arabic is a wide and deep language whose lyrical strength is legendary. Translating English and other languages into Arabic is therefore a complex yet exciting exercise that we greatly relish.

Since Arabic has been spoken in at least twenty countries across the world for hundreds of years, it has several dialects that have specific resonance in the countries where they are spoken. Our translation is sensitive to these dialects and we hence tailor respective translations to suit given audience dialects. To achieve this, our team is drawn from the Gulf, North Africa, Levantine and Maghreb.

Our experienced and diverse team makes as a one-stop Arabic Translation Services provider in Africa. We are one-stop in the sense that we are able to translate English to the major Arabic dialects in the world.

In this regard, our Translation Services from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English encompass the global, regional and cultural aspects of Arabic.

Our services are however not just limited to translation as our team also has the following competencies:

  • English to Arabic Proof-reader,
  • English to Arabic Editor,
  • English to Arabic Transcriber,
  • English to Arabic Interpreter,
  • English to Arabic Voice Over/ Dubbing Artist
  • English to Arabic Subtitler

We draw great pride and strength from our team as it is the one that makes it possible for us to handle all the above services. This is why we have invested time and resources towards building this diverse team from across the Arab speaking countries. They are all native Arabic speakers and hence bring to their work professional authenticity.

Through this team, we are able to competently and speedily handle Arabic Transcription; Arabic Interpretation and Arabic Localization. Our Arabic Localizers ensure that our Arabic localization is undertaken swiftly and professionally; our Arabic Transcribers see to it that our transcription services are fully reliable; our Arabic Translators invest the full extent of their professionalism into our Arabic Translation Services and our Arabic Interpreters ensure that the spoken Arabic is truly rich in its meaning.

Our Arabic Services also wade deeper into the following areas:

  • Arabic Localization of CMS Content
  • Arabic Name Testing
  • Arabic Copy Adaptation
  • Translating ETR Training Materials into Arabic
  • Arabic Multimedia Services
  • Arabic Software Translation
  • Arabic Image Consultation
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